Services Offered

My College Helper offers a variety of specialized services to meet the different needs of students and families. Whether you're looking for help in developing a target college list, need assistance in coming up with ideas for a college admission or scholarship essay, or looking for a long-term relationship with a college consultant, My College Helper has a plan for you:

Comprehensive Package

This is a multi-year, all-inclusive package for high school students and families seeking assistance throughout the entire process of preparing for college, searching for a right-fit college, applying to colleges and making a final selection.

Developing a Target List of Colleges

This service is for students and families needing help with the first part of the process. Through interviews, a student survey and a parent questionnaire, My College Helper works to develop a customized report including a list of suggested target colleges and recommended next steps. 

College Admission Essay Package

Writing admission essays is sometimes the hardest part of the process for students. This piece of writing is often unlike any other school writing assignment the student. The admission essay is an opportunity for the college applicant to stand out…to shine. My College Helper works with students on brainstorming topics, creating an outline and polishing a completed essay. 

College Application Assistance

Filling out the Common Application, the Coalition Application or specific college apps can be a confusing and time-consuming process. My College Helper works with students and families to complete applications and submit them in a timely manner.

Interview Assistance

Some colleges still require interviews and in some cases it is in the student’s best interest to request an interview. My College Helper can prepare students through the use of mock interviews and specific interviewing tips.

Transfer Package

College students seeking to transfer to another school have special needs and requirements. My College Helper will provide support and information through the transfer process.

Graduate School Applications and Essays 

Applying to graduate school is a very different process for students. My College Helper can provide guidance and support through the graduate school application process.

Customized Services

For students and families requiring more flexibility in a package, My College Helper will customize services to best meet your needs. This may be for a student with special learning or physical requirements or for families looking for specific information requiring specific research.

Proofreading Plans

My College Helper will not re-write any essay. It is important that the student’s true voice comes through the writing.

Basic Plan-  for essays that are close to ready to go, but could use a fresh set of eyes. Essay will be reviewed for grammar, spelling and other typographical errors. Comments will also be made as to the overall style and theme of the essay.
Extended Plan- for a single essay that needs more work. My College Helper offers assistance over a period of 10-14 days with several (usually 3-6) reviews. Clients can expect a written critique and may opt for a face-to-face or Skype session to further discuss essay and brainstorm.

Resume’ and Cover Letter Review

A resume’ is a summary of experiences and skills. It is an advertisement of you and what you can bring to a job, a college,an internship, a study abroad experience, a summer program or any other opportunity.  It needs to show that you are qualified and capable of the responsibilities required by the position or program. 

My College Helper offers resume’ and cover letter reviews. to make sure that your resume’ is up-to-date and best reflects your qualifications and skills.  

Hourly Services

Sometimes students and families just need a few hours of my consulting time and it makes more sense to pay an hourly rate. Please contact me by email at to see if an hourly rate works best for you.

In addition, My College Helper offers a speaker series on a variety of topics related to college search and planning. Please contact by email at for topics and pricing information.

 Please note that My College Helper makes no guarantee regarding admission decisions to specific colleges.